Pizzomunno’s legend

Pizzomunno is a monolith about 25 meters high at the beginning of the beach called the Castle:
It stands at the beginning of the coastal road that leads to Vieste Pugnochiuso.
About Pizzomunno there is a really fascinating legend.
Pizzomunno was a fisherman who loved beautiful Cristalda; every day was out at sea alone with his boat and every day the Sirens were waiting to sing their sweet but deadly bewitching songs.
One day the Sirens did not just sing as they themselves enchanted by the beauty of the fisherman.
The Sirens wanted Pizzomunno as their king and offered him immortality if he had agreed to become one.
But Pizzomunno loved Cristalda.
So here one evening while waiting Cristalda his beloved on a small island in front of the sea, the Sirens emerged from the sea, attacked the girl and dragged her into the deep.
The next day the fishermen found themselves Pizzomunno petrified with grief over a white rock that since then bears his name.
The legend does not specify what happened to Cristalda us well, but it is said that every hundred years for one night the beautiful Cristalda date back from the abyss and rejoins his beloved Pizzomunno