Caves in Gargano

The coast of Gargano is one of the most scenic countryside of Puglia, with towering white cliffs overlooking the sea, mostly accessible only by boat, where the pines and junipers stretch out over the blue water.
Small coves open up between the rocks, interrupted by a few pebble beach strip.
The coast between Vieste and Mattinata is rich in vast cavities and beautiful natural scenery, coves, white beaches and small coves, haven for herring gulls and falcons.

Centuries after centuries, millennia after millennia with steady slowness, waves have eroded the limestone coast of Gargano, shaped natural settings and opened gashes, crevices and tunnels.
There are about twenty explorable caves, but a dozen of them are of greater wonder.
The names of the caves come from particular features of their own, as well as details that  over time struck the attention of their discoverers: Cave of the Large Bell, the Cave of the Smugglers, the Cave of Swallows …
During the summer some tourism organizations allow vacationers to visit them by using barges. Visits take place in the morning or the afternoon. The best time to visit is the morning so you can appreciate their splendor, because the sunlight radiates the interior of the caves with a thousand shades of colors.
By visiting the caves you can also take a look at the wonderful beaches  of Vieste southern coast. Many of the beaches are accessible only by boat and during the winter these caves are the almost submerged by water.
Many organizations in Vieste organize tours to the caves.