walking in Vieste

Vieste is a town of ancient history, with narrow alleys and white houses with windows overlooking the sea.

Vieste is a good starting point to discover the beauty of the Gargano wilderness, the impressive Umbra Forest, the white

Peschici and the beautiful Rhodes Town, the natural paradise of the Tremiti Islands, the ancient pilgrimage paths to Monte Sant’Angelo and the most recent to the Shrine of Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo. Vieste, thanks to its favorable position, it is also an ideal place to practice many water sports like windsurfing and kite surfing, but also a more traditional fishing game.

The Vieste tourist success is primarily owed to its sea and the beauty of its coast, but also to its history of cathedrals, castles, trebuchets, the Coastal Towers, wonderful marine caves, ruins of ancient abbeys, such as that on summit of Monte Sacro.

Its rural landscape, with its stone walls, with olive trees and rolling hills that are constantly changing with man’s expert work act as a frame.

Not to mention old flavors of its rich traditional cuisine.

Today, domestic and foreign tourism has sanctioned the success of Vieste, not only as a tourist destination but as a place for all seasons.

Today Gargano and Vieste are exclusive retreats for a slow-paced life among the splendor of the sea and nature, trebuchets caves, ancient olive groves and citrus orchards, witnesses of an ancient culture as found in the Mediterranean.